All About the NCC…..

All about the NCC…

Exploring and journeying through the impact zone between the levels of high and low, often including total immersion in seawater

Eatock and Spink

Circa 1986, Andy Middleton from TYF ‘invented’ commercial coasteering activities, and since then there are around 150 companies across the UK that have started to offer Coasteering as a guided activity allowing groups to experience the inter-tidal area of the coastline in a new and exciting manner.

Throughout the UK there are now companies offering a variety of Coasteering experiences from the Isle of Man to Cornwall and Pembrokeshire to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Isles.

With the growth in popularity and many companies expressing a view that Coasteering is the most popular activity they run it is now represented by an advisory organisation, the National Coasteering Charter.

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