Coasteering Guide Award

Coasteering Guide Award

The NCC is pleased to announce that the Coasteering Award is LIVE and available from the 1st April 2022 for prospective and existing guides.

On this page you will find information and documents pertinent to the award.

Information for Prospective and Existing Guides:

The following infographic shows the process for both attending training and assessment courses. Below this graphic is a details Candidate Admin Guide that helps candidates to navigate through Training, Assessment and Direct Assessment (APL).

To find a provider please see here for a list of current providers:

To find a current public course please see the course calendar:

Here you will find: V9 Guide Award Training Notes

Here you will find: V9 Guide Award Assessment Notes

Here you will find: V9 Guide Award Training and Assessment Syllabus

Prospective guides can click here to access a template log book which can be used to evidence their experience

To ask a question to find out more about the guide award you can contact the NCC Guide Award Administrator via email:

Information for Providers:

Here you will find: The current Administration Guide