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What is Coasteering?

Coasteering as an informal activity has been around for a good number of years as people took to the water if only to reach hidden coves or a late return from a secluded beach The word itself was first published in the guidebook for climbing in Devon, and originates from the theme of mountaineering and orienteering …. hence coasteering.


With the growth in popularity and many companies expressing a view that Coasteering is the most popular activity they run it is now represented by an advisory organisation, the National Coasteering Charter.

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Coasteering is an exciting activity for anyone who has an appetite for adventure. The activity usually includes swimming, jumping, scrambling and climbing along and in the coast area of the UK and further afield dependant on the location. You end up doing all of the things that you were told not to do as a child whilst at the beach!

Whether you are a group of friends looking for something different or a group of young people stretching yourselves this activity can easily tick all the boxes. Dressed up in wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid and with a professional guide groups can experience the coastline from a totally different perspective.

Quotes & Testimonials

"We spent a great morning co-steering at Ansteys Cove. The location was perfect with just the right amount of challenge and mix of climbing, jumping and swimming. Charlie and her team were very professional, friendly and patient. We loved it"